The Wave, Dubai
The Wave, Dubai


Group tours

a) incentive groups

b) student groups

c) Senior groups

d) women groups

e) FIT

Sale Events

a) Information events

b) discussions

c) get-togethers

* See also customers for services that we provide


a) target and define your niche

b) Development of individual marketing concepts and professional implementation

c) monitoring of the markets

d) Ongoing Customer Care for advice

e) creating and sending newsletters

f) designing sales presentations

g) organization of travel information

h) cross-marketing campaigns

i) organization of fairs and representation at fairs and events

j) The collaboration with expert external partners for specific projects and specific services such as. 1. Public Relations 2. Social Media 3. Brochure Design

k) media cooperation (competitions, advertorials, etc.)

l) German-English translations and vice versa (press kits, brochures, IT content, etc.)