World Heritage Academy, founded in 2006, is a Turkish tour operator that offers trips for individual travelers and groups. The programs are unique and should trigger an unforgettable travel experience. The trips are developed by experienced travel planners, researchers, academics and artists to ensure a high quality is guaranteed. Especially the travel lead to the cultural highlights in Turkey. The travelers get sound information from the experts of the WHA. 

Interactive is the journey, when the travelers participate in the workshops of experts such as the production of ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, marble, leading edge courses, felting, Edirnekari (paintings on wood), Margutery (carvings), tezhip (traditional Ottoman gold painting), belly dance workshops, Turkish cooking classes etc .

Created in 2000, Visa Travel, is an Algerian who organizes trips and stays in Algeria and abroad tour operator. There responsive management organizes tours throughout the tourist areas in the country, coastal, mountain, Atlas, Oasis and Gourara Tassili and Ahaggar. has the Visa Travel Label (PQTA) Plan quality tourism Algeria. They work with several tour operators and agencies in Europe and Asia. A team of experienced and motivated professionals available to ensure always the highest quality of service to their customers, and keep Visa Travel to the International level.

First-class language, sport and cultural tours
• Training to the world's best tennis academies and football schools
• lessons from international top coaches
• Qualified language courses at prestigious colleges
• Intensive courses High School Preparation, Business English

Gallery Languages Ltd was established in 2008 to gather all the initiatives in language training offered by Gallery Group, a well-established and respected publishing house, founded in 1983 in Genoa - Italy ( Due to the growing number of international customers and an expanding network of education partners, Giovanni Rottura finally founded Gallery Languages Ltd in the UK in 2013

Gallery Languages Ltd is a solid, modern and flexible organization that provides language courses to primary and secondary school students across the world. Over the years, Gallery Languages Ltd has sent thousands of students from Italy, Russia, Romania and Tunisia to study abroad in Ireland, Malta, UK and the USA. Gallery Languages Ltd specializes in training English teachers and supports them with workshops, seminars and events. In particular, the company offers professional advice for European exchange programmes (such as Erasmus+). 
Registered as legal entity at the Education and Culture Directorate-General and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission The Participant Identification Code (PIC) for the legal entity is 930543602.








Until the mid of the first millennium B.C. the territory of modern Tajikistan in the areas of Amudarya and Sirdarya were settled by Eastern Iranian tribes. Bactria and Sogdiana were the most ancient states, lying along the banks of the upper and middle Amudarya. In the 6th – 4th century B.C. these states were part of the Akhamenids Empire established by Persians. The agricultural area of Sogdiana, that included Fergana and Zerafshan valleys and reaching in the west the area of Bukhara, played an important role in international trade, as it was on trade routes that linked China and Central Asia. The Akhamenid State collapsed in 330 B.C. under pressure from Greek-Macedonian forces. Bactrians, Sogdians and other people of Central Asia were conquered, in spite of their heroic resistance to the army of Alexander the Great.